I am an American Coder, Full Stack Web Developer/Designer, Graphic Designer, Animator, Video Editor, Creative Sponsor, Amateur Voice Actor, Administrator, IT Manager, Data Protection Officer, Data Miner, Web/Game/Cloud Computer/Data Storage Host, and satirical game maker.

Code-wise I specialize in advanced web apps such as data systems, automation tools, and CRMs.

I am most known for my character KingCringe through which I have released the game Lite Cycl, and the award winning audio gadget Muzika among other games and animated movies.

I am a gamer, thinker, and creator at heart.

The purpose of this site is to showcase my works as proof of capabilities and versatility, regardless of industry or project needs.


HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Perl, Python, C, Java, gibberish, and English.


Adobe CC(After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, DreamWeaver), Atom, Visual Studio, Unity, Construct 2&3, RPG Maker MV, and my own custom built apps.

Award Winner

My game LiteCycl received a daily ranked award on Newgrounds.
My app Muzika recieved a daily rank and a frontpage award.

CMS Friendly

Need your site done in WordPress?
How about weebly, wix, or squarespace?
Regardless of your platform, it’s no problem for me.
I also offer custom derivatives of WordPress, as well as custom coded CMSs.

Fast Turnarounds

Being active almost half my life in the industry I have learned and created many shortcuts for achieving just about anything imaginable on a development level. This allows me to streamline my process and do a project that could have taken weeks in a matter of days.


As an independent I control my prices and am willing to work around all types of budgets to help those in need.

Some of my Code Projects

Summus is a one-stop collaborative digital firm offering websites, apps, graphic services, video services, and marketing.
Visit Summus
Amethyst CS
Amethyst is a digital creative like myself that focuses more on the design aspect of projects. Amethyst is also my #1 for design outsourcing.
Visit Amethyst
Captured Waste To Energy
CWTE's website is a social network that facilitates and houses concept guides for converting waste materials into renewable resources.
Visit CWTE
Mythicas World
Mythicas World is a browser based MMO game. MW was made with html, js, css, and php; making it extremely lightweight and playable on all platforms without download.
Visit Mythicas World
Kali Jinn
Kali Jinn is another creative type that makes amazing art in all forms, with most of them being in our physical realm. Kali's site features an advanced Instagram feed aggregator.
Visit Kali Jinn
Chatzer is a free to use live chat that can be used on websites and apps to chat with visitors or provide live support.
Visit Chatzer
Cringe Boy Color
Cringe Boy Color is a cross platform Game Boy Color Emulator, working on PC, Mobile, and Game Consoles.
Visit Cringe Boy Color
nCrypt features a multi-set of encryption/decryption tools that can be used on the fly.
Visit nCrypt
Pste is a paste bin.
I created it to fill the need to share large snippets(Over 2mb) of text quickly.
Visit Pste
An advanced Icon generator for quick icons with long shadows.
Visit IcoKit
Aliv QR
A QR barcode generator with multiple preset scan types available, and barcode customization options.
Visit Aliv QR
A real-time feed of every tweet on twitter, in matrix format. Backend of Tweetrix is used for keyword tracking.
Visit Tweetrix
Digital Zones
Digital Zones originally was to be a racing game that utilized Google Maps, project was scrapped due to high resource usage from both servers and API requests to Google.
Visit Digital Zones

Some of my Animation work